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Willie McGinest Throws Cold Water On Tom Brady-To-Chargers Speculation

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- For the one millionth consecutive year, the New England Patriots are once again one of the best teams in the NFL. As such, people have to find something to talk about before the real season begins in January.

And because Tom Brady, aka the greatest quarterback in history, faces an uncertain future with the only NFL team he's ever known, his mysterious future has tended to be topic A1 around these parts. His contract will expire after the Super Bowl, and as it stands now, he's set to become a free agent for the first time in his NFL career. At that point he could retire from the game, sign a new deal with the Patriots, or ... shock the world by signing with another NFL team.

It's not yet known how realistic that last possibility is. Brady might not even know himself.

Nevertheless, speculation makes people feel alive, and when it comes to Brady speculation, one possible scenario that makes sense if he is to actually play elsewhere would be the Los Angeles Chargers. They're a team that's not only in position to move on from veteran Philip Rivers but also needs a bright and shiny object to help sell tickets in its new BILLION-dollar stadium. Throw in the fact that the Chargers have some dynamic talent on offense, and Brady would fit the bill on all accounts, at least in theory.

Yet while the Brady-to-Chargers speculation has made the most sense, longtime friend of Brady and former teammate Willie McGinest has a message to all the speculators who can't help but speculate their speculation.

Not so fast.

Appearing as a guest on Dave Dameshek's podcast, McGinest said that a move to Southern California would not be high on the wish list of one Gisele Bundchen.

"I'll just give you one little nugget," McGinest said. "Somebody really important to Tom Brady ... who he spends every day with ... his other half ... doesn't like it out here in California. She doesn't like it out here in California. So that may factor in to that decision, too. Because you have to have that conversation with your wife, right? And your family. 'Hey, I'm thinking about X, Y and Z.' And, you know, happy wife, happy life as well."

McGinest summed up his overall feelings on Brady's future, rhetorically asking, "Why leave?"

McGinest of course has known Brady since the QB's rookie season, and the former Pro Bowl linebacker was the one who introduced Brady to Alex Guerrero, a man who has changed Brady's life and career. Suffice it so say, McGinest is pretty close to Brady. So, McGinest's commentary here does shed some light on a potentially life-altering decision for Brady, who's been open and honest about how much his dedication to football has impacted his family life off the field. Certainly, moving across the country for a year or two (or three) would impact that significantly, and from the sound of it, it just may not be in the cards for the Brady clan.


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