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Volin: Best Case Scenario Is Brady's Suspension Gets Reduced To 2 Games

BOSTON (CBS) - Hardy and Mike Flynn, filling in for Toucher & Rich on Monday, spoke with Ben Volin of the Boston Globe about Tom Brady's appeal, which is scheduled for Tuesday morning in New York.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will serve as the arbitrator in the hearing.

For Patriots fans hoping that Tom Brady gets fully exonerated, you may be disappointed by the outcome of this appeal. From what he's hearing, Volin says it is "incredibly unrealistic" for the four-game suspension to get wiped away, and that Brady will be forced to sit out some games no matter what.

"I think at this point the best Brady can hope for is getting it reduced down to maybe two games," Volin said.

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Goodell said he is looking forward to hearing from Brady personally, and that he will consider new evidence. Volin believes the NFL wants Brady to cooperate fully this time by handing over his electronic communications.

"The NFL was pretty clear in stating that a lot of Brady's punishment had as much to do with the lack of cooperation as him being 'generally aware' of what was going on. You can debate the science all day, and I think it's been pretty well debunked at this point, but it is hard to argue with the fact that Brady did not fully cooperate when the NFL gave him safeguards into protecting the information on his phone," Volin said. "If he is willing to give some of that stuff up this time, I think that could help to reduce his sentence."

If Brady is going to get full exoneration then it won't come from Roger Goodell. If he wants to clear his name and get his sentence reduced to nothing, Volin says Brady will have to take this thing to court, which he's not sure he will do because of all the uncertainty that comes with it.

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