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Vandals Armed With BB Guns Target Natick Homes

NATICK (CBS) – Natick Police are searching for a group of vandals armed with BB guns who have been taking out windows.

As Steve Strout surveyed the holes in his window on Nolin Street, he recounted how he and his wife were watching TV Saturday night when someone with a BB gun opened fire.

"One of the bullets if it had penetrated both panes of glass would have missed my wife by an inch," Strout said.

BB gun vandals
Alleged BB gun vandal in Natick (Surveillance image)

On Porter Street, the holes are much bigger, but the story is the same. Police say three teens on bikes have done thousands of dollars in damage in recent days, shooting out house windows in West Natick, apparently with a BB pistol capable of cutting through one pane of glass but not two.

No one has been hurt but it certainly scared Kathleen Leombruno when the cycling trio shot at her SUV as she drove down her street on Sunday afternoon. "It's shocking and it's just kind of bizarre," said Leombruno. "It's just bizarre. I'm not surprised."

BB vandal
Alleged BB gun vandal in Natick (Surveillance image)

Police have recovered two bikes and scoured them for prints but they're hoping someone will recognize the teens from surveillance pictures captured by a nearby business.

Neighbors want the trio held accountable for the damage which they argue goes beyond a pointless prank.

"Frustrating though that once upon a time when you did mischief you'd throw an egg or two at a house," Strout said.

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