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Val Rogosheske Finishes Boston Marathon To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Of 'Original 8' Women Runners

BOSTON (CBS) -- Val Rogosheske finished the Boston Marathon to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the official women's division of the race. Flanked by her two daughters, Rogosheske crossed the finish line Monday afternoon.

"It was a long slog for me but it was a wonderful experience," said Rogosheskie. "My daughters were there with signs saying my name so people all along the course were yelling my name out, it was really fun," said Rogosheskie

Her bib number was 1972 as a nod to her first race with the "Original 8" women who ran the Boston Marathon officially that year.

"In '72 I kept running the whole way while people around me were walking. This time I was walking while other people were running," Rogosheskie said.

"When you think about it, I mean 50 years is a long time but there's been so much progress, it makes it seem short."

Kathrine Switzer and Sara Mae Berman, who are also part of the "Original 8," were there to congratulate Rogosheske after the finish line.

"These women have been so supportive it's been wonderful," Rogosheske said.

The women stressed the importance of staying active and joked about their own age.

"This is a blow for aging," Switzer said about Rogosheskie's accomplishment.

"If you don't keep moving, they start throwing dirt over you," said Berman.

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