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Food Truck Friday: Friends Launch 'Tres Latinas' To Share Venezuelan Food

BOSTON (CBS) -- Three women are bringing the taste of Venezuela to Massachusetts. Their food truck, Tres Latinas, rolled out during the pandemic and it's already become a big hit.

It was a simple idea: three friends loved their country's food and they wanted to share it. So they purchased a food truck and set out to feed their food to the community.

Yosi, Eli, and Vero are the Tres Latinas and their food truck specializes in Venezuelan food, in particular arepas.

So what is an arepa?

"It's my childhood, my family, my country, everything. How do you make it? Mix flour with water, a little bit of salt, you mix it and it makes magic," Eli said.

Starting a business with friends could lead to hurt feelings, but these women feel if they can navigate the small space in the truck, the rest will be easy.

"We make a union with the best ideas and we came up with the best ones for the business so we work the same in the kitchen," Yosi explained.

But more importantly, sharing a small taste of their country with everyone who approaches the window is something they can't wait to do.

"We all love when people order our food for the first time and then they do the first bite and we're peaking out the window like 'oh, they're trying it!' The smile on their face is like 'yes!" said Vero.

They've already got regulars.

"I've been here seven times now and it's just they never disappoint," said customer Paul Gauthier.

"They bring home to our community from being away from our country," said customer Yraima Lamattina.

This has been a dream come true for the women, they are sharing the food they love and enjoying every minute of it.

"We're living it. It's happening and we feel proud of it, very proud of it because it's something we always wanted to do," said Eli.

Find the location of the Tres Latinas food truck by checking out their social media.

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