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Toucher & Rich: Hulk Hogan Shares Andre The Giant Drinking Stories

BOSTON (CBS) - All the legendary drinking stories you've heard about Andre The Giant?

Yup. They're true.

Hulk Hogan came on Toucher & Rich Wednesday for a wide ranging interview, starting with the alcohol consumption of the late Andre Roussimoff.

"There are people that say that Andre the Giant was the greatest drinker of all time," Fred Toucher said to lead the discussion.

"You've got to realize brother he was 7' 4" and he went between 500 and 700 pounds depending on how he ate, his health and stuff like that. I've got two quick stories for you. The first one I was in Tampa -- and once we became friends after he destroyed me for about eight years and I finally won him over -- he was changing planes in Tampa. I was over at my mom's house visiting and I get a call. 'Hey boss I'm at the Tampa airport. I've got a one-hour layover.' I was like okay, it's fifteen minutes or so from my mom's house. So I drive over the airport and I met him at the Delta Crown Lounge. By the time we sat down we had about 45 minutes before he had to walk to the next gate. He drank 108 12-ounce beers."

"What? How do you do it that quick? Is it like a shot for him? Does he just toss it back that quick? Like one gulp and he's done?" asked Rich.

"You've got to realize that a 12-ounce beer he can put in his hand and hide it. You can't see the beer in his hand," said Hogan.

A listener tweeted at Rich confirming that assessment:

"Another quick story from when I was in Japan. I went down to the bus and the bus driver told me it was Andre's birthday. I was like 'Oh my god' -- it was like 7:30 in the morning and I forgot. Thank god I got down to the bus before him. So I went down to this little karaoke bar right down the street from the hotel and I bought a case of Pouilly-Fuissé wine -- 12 bottles of this very powerful, powerful, strong white French wine.

"Andre came down to the bus and I was like, 'Hey boss happy birthday!' I always sat in the seat ahead of Andre because it was always so hard for him to get up and sit down. All of a sudden we left the hotel about 8 in the morning for an eight hour bus ride. About three hours later he shakes the seat. He says, 'Boss. Bossss. I need pit stop.' Three hours on a bus he drank 12 bottles of wine."

The stuff of legends.


Hulk Hogan has worked and wrestled with many athletes before, including Kevin Greene, Lyle Alzado, Mongo McMichael, Bill Fralic and Karl Malone, who was "without a doubt the best I've ever seen with balance and timing."

But perhaps the most memorable athlete to step in the squared circle with Hogan was the always colorful Dennis Rodman.

Professional basketball player Dennis Rodman (R) o
Dennis Rodman (R) of the Chicago Bulls poses with pro wrestler Hulk Hogan on June 18, 1998. (MIKE NELSON/AFP/Getty Images)

"Rodman came in and it was during when the Bulls were in the playoffs. He was supposed to be practicing with the team and I got Phil Jackson calling me going 'Where the hell is Rodman?' -- he just didn't show up to practice anymore and was down with us working in the ring wrestling.

"He didn't take it serious [at practice]. He would show up after partying all night and his head wasn't in the game, but when that red light came on and we were actually in the ring in front of 20,000 people he was spot on. I couldn't believe how good he was under pressure. I guess it was the same thing with basketball."

Listen below for the full interview, including Hulk Hogan's pump up speech for Hacksaw Jonny Gomes!

Hulk Hogan Shares Andre The Giant Drinking Stories


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