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Toucher and Rich Recap 8/18/2010

Hour 1:

  • Tiger Woods and how he is now portrayed in the media and public
  • Rich has a bad name according to an article
  • Freedom of Speech and the Dr. Laurie Schlessinger saga.
  • Male Bag
  • - The tipping point of MEN and enough is enough
  • Lebron James, Insane?
  • Brett Favre Saga Continues and ESPN
  • The Gathering of the Jugaloo's - Tela Tequila and other artists get mauled

Hour 2:

  • Drunken Red Sox Recap
  • Did Adolfo find the Faster Guy?
  • Howard Stern dig gets Fred Fired Up.
  • Fred goes off about Hillman and now he is making an assault on the Social Scene.
  • Lebron James hater-ade, drink it up.  He has no respect for his fans and is an ego-maniac.
  • Lebron James "spoilers" everyone?  Tell Cleveland fans that....

Hour 3:

  • Southern Politics - Alvin Greene and Basil Merceaux
  • Brett Favre Love Lose and ESPN bashing
  • Tedy Bruschi loses respect for the Vikings and the only rational ESPN analyst.
  • Vikings Coaching Staff, Players and ownership are to blame for any locker room separation as a result of the Favre sage.

Hour 4:

  • Tony Dungy and Tyrannosaurus Rex Ryan and his profanity and exposure on Hard Knocks.
  • Tony Dungy and his moral stances come into question as a result of calling out Rex.
  • Shawn Thorton joins the boys to talk Hockey, Poker and give the boys a hard time.
  • Listened Now Discuss
  • Cross Over with Gresh and Zo
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