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Tom Brady's Appeal Hearing With Roger Goodell Concludes In New York

BOSTON (CBS) -- Tom Brady and the NFL will not need to utilize their second scheduled day for the DeflateGate appeal hearing, as the two sides were able to conclude the hearing after just one day.

It was one long day though, as the session began around 9:30 a.m. and wrapped up just after 8:30 p.m.

Brady, represented by the NFLPA as well as attorney Jeffrey Kessler, were given four hours to present their case. The NFL then had two hours to respond. However, those time limits were not strict, and given the high-profile nature of the case, it stands to reason that the time was extended.

In a letter from NFL attorney Gregg Levy to Kessler last week (shared via Twitter by Adam Schefter), NFL commissioner Roger Goodell did not anticipate that the hearing would require more than one day, "absent a showing of extraordinary need."

Though there were reportedly roughly 40 people present for the hearing, it took place behind closed doors. So unless one of those attendees opts to leak the confidential happenings of the proceedings, they will remain unknown to the public.

Some details did leak out throughout the day, however. Schefter reported that Brady testified under oath, which is significant in that any lies told under oath could lead to perjury charges in future proceedings. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reported that Robert Kraft was unable to testify over the phone, as he was traveling home from Israel, but the Patriots owner did submit a written statement of support for Brady.

The next step is for Goodell to make a ruling. Though the four-game suspension to Brady was initially described as coming from NFL executive VP, Goodell claimed full ownership of that ruling himself in his letter to the NFLPA three weeks ago.

So, after hearing the case made by Brady and the NFLPA, Goodell has to decide whether to reduce or eliminate the suspension that he himself issued.

There is no specific timeline that Goodell must abide by to announce that ruling, but given the high-profile nature of the case combined with the expeditious process of Tuesday's hearing there is reason to believe Goodell may announce his decision sooner than later.

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