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Scott Zolak Educates Caller, Tony Mazz On Football Play Calling

BOSTON (CBS) - A listener called in and complained about the Patriots third down play calling, including one play in particular where it was third-and-short and Brady tried to throw it over the top on a deep ball.

Former NFL quarterback and Sports Hub host Scott Zolak is tired of hearing that argument, and blames afternoon host Tony Massarotti for perpetuating something that is so wrong.

Zo broke it down for the caller and Mazz by explaining what goes into a play call in football.

"You've got to understand that when you huddle and make a play call Josh McDaniels isn't in [Tom] Brady's ear saying 'we've got to go for the bomb here' - it's the read that took Tom Brady to that individual and that coverage."

"Every time Brady drops back he's got a minimum of two to three people in route, and he's going one-two-three [in his progressions]. Against that look there was pressure, the first guy did not get out and he was resorted to throw the ball to [Julian] Edelman down the left sideline. I didn't like that he did it, but the read took him there."

"This isn't high school. This isn't Everett where you line up and just throw the deep ball left. That doesn't happen [in the NFL]. I heard that all day yesterday [from 2 to 6pm]."

"It was a call in the huddle and his read and progression took him out there. Everybody's freaking out about it, god! Okay, he missed him! It's just utter stupidity to think they called the long ball on that play."

"Four hours [on the Felger & Mazz show] on the third down call. God forbid you turn the radio on at 2 o'clock and there's one positive the Patriots had in the game."

Zo gets pretty fired up, listen to it below:

Zolak Educates Caller, Mazz On Football Play Calling


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