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'We're All Against War': Russians, Ukrainians Unite For Fundraiser In Newton

NEWTON (CBS) – Russians and Ukrainians were all under one roof at Newton's Cafe St. Petersburg for a good cause.

"We're not Russia here. We're all united together. We're all against war," said Svetlana Novak.

A bloody war 36 days and counting in Ukraine.

"It's devastating. It's heartbreaking. We see videos and we speak to those people daily," said Russian restaurant owner Galina Slezinger.

But in Newton, Russians and Ukrainians united for a fundraiser to help both refugees and Ukrainian soldiers forced to fight.

"A lot of my friends who are currently in the Army right now are getting hurt and it's insane," said Alex Kushkov, founder of the Dynamo Fencing Foundation.

When morale is low, well wishes go a long way. Many in the room recorded videos – messages of hope to be sent to troops.

"All the thoughts, videos and interviews," Kushkov said, "I'm forwarding back to Ukraine. I want them to see that they're not alone."

And that the Russians in that room support Ukraine and are calling for peace.

"You would probably find that every family having relatives in Ukraine and Russia, and we stand united," said Novak.

The fundraiser has raised more than $10,000 for the Dynamo Fencing Foundation.


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