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Rob Gronkowski Dented Patriots' Lombardi Trophy Using It As A Baseball Bat

BOSTON (CBS) -- Rob Gronkowski left a lasting mark on the New England Patriots franchise. He also left a lasting mark on their latest Lombardi Trophy in a way that only Gronk could.

The next time you see New England's six Lombardis together, you'll notice a dent in one of them. A baseball-sized dent. That came courtesy of Gronk, who had a little too much fun with the trophy when the Patriots were honored at Fenway Park at the Red Sox home opener last week.

The recently retired Gronkowski was one of 20 Patriots players present for the ceremony at Fenway, honoring the Super Bowl LIII champs. He even threw out the first pitch alongside Julian Edelman and Stephon Gilmore.

But Gronk wanted a turn at bat. He didn't have a bat, so he used the trophy instead, as you can see in a video posted to the Patriots Twitter account on Wednesday:

Yes, that is Gronkowski using the Lombardi Trophy to bunt a pitch from Edelman. Nobody thought he would actually do it, but it's Gronk, so no one is really surprised that he actually did.

The Patriots will not be buffing that dent out, either. It will remain, further adding to the legacy of one Robert Gronkowski.

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