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Police Shoot Pit Bull That Attacked Teen, Killed Cat In East Boston

EAST BOSTON (CBS) - Two pit bulls who escaped from their owner's home on Sumner Street in East Boston, went on a rampage according to residents, biting a teenager and killing a cat. Boston Police say they had no choice but to use deadly force, and shoot at one of the dogs when an officer who responded to the scene was also threatened.

The animals apparently tore through a screen to make their escape. "When anyone passed by the dog would chase or growl at them, and everyone would run," said Francesca Rojas. A teenager, 13-year-old Alex Villanueva was bitten in the arm, according to a friend, when he ran from one of the dogs named Bruin. "He said they were running down the street and got tired, the dog jumped on him and didn't let go," said Hector Hernandez.

Neighbors called 911 leading the officers to the running dogs. Police say one drew his weapon and fired several shots, but the dog kept running until he was finally cornered.

"Neighbors told us the dog had already lashed out and bit a child and a cat. If he didn't take the shot who knows who else he could have bitten," said Superintendent William Evans.

The dogs' owners say the pit bulls must have been provoked, and claim there's a bias against pit bulls. "My dog would never hurt anybody. I didn't train my dog to be a vicious animal, he wouldn't do that," said Amanda Bright.

The condition of the dog that was shot is unknown at this time.

The body of the cat, described as a stray, was removed by the Animal Rescue League in front of heartbroken residents.

"There are no bad dogs, just bad owners, but sometimes there really are bad dogs, too," said Ed Ascolillo.

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