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Patriots Will Bring Back Red Throwback Jerseys In 2022

BOSTON (CBS) -- Fans of Pat Patriot, rejoice. The throwback is coming back to New England.

When the league decided in June that it would get rid of its ban against teams wearing multiple helmets during a season, it was widely speculated that the Patriots would bring back the red jersey and white helmet that the team wore occasionally from 2009-12.

Now, in the most unassuming way possible, the return of the red jerseys has been made official.

A tweet sent by the Patriots' Hall of Fame on Friday said that the red jerseys will return in 2022.

The team had to go away from the retro look after 2012, when the league instituted the helmet rule. The shiny silver helmet with the "Flying Elvis" logo didn't exactly match the look, so the throwbacks have been shelved for nearly a decade.

Tom Brady
Tom Brady in the throwback Patriots uniform in 2010 vs. the Vikings. (Photo by Rich Gabrielson/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images)
Devin McCourty
Devin McCourty celebrates with Brandon Meriweather and Jermaine Cunningham. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

While the tweet didn't specify that the white helmets are returning with the red jerseys, the timing for the removal of the NFL rule does align.

The red jersey figures to fit in even better now, as it's quite similar to the Patriots' standard blue home jerseys and white road jerseys.

Mac Jones Patriots-Browns
Patriots quarterback Mac Jones. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

While the Patriots didn't win a whole lot in the red jersey/Pat Patriot look, it will nevertheless be a welcome sight to fans who enjoyed that retro feel from 2009-12.

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