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Over/Under: Will John Farrell Last Another Day As Red Sox Manager?

BOSTON (CBS) -- John Farrell could be on the verge of losing his job as Red Sox manager. Will he last more than even one more day?

It was an Over/Under Tuesday on The Game of Jones, where Adam Jones and Nick Cattles covered the hottest topics surrounding the Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics. The questions, and Jones' answers, are below:

Days left for John Farrell as Red Sox manager: Over/Under 0.5

"I hope that it's under, but knowing this organization, knowing John Henry, knowing Dave Dombrowski ... I'm going over," said Jones. "I hope I'm wrong, but I'll take the over. One more day. He'll last one more day, and he may last until next year, I don't know."

Games Tom Brady misses for the remainder of the season: Over/under 0.5

"I'll take under," said Jones. "Brady has needed just one injury to keep him off the field in his career, and he's had a bunch of injuries. ... The only thing that sidelined him, ever, in his whole career - outside of Roger Goodell and a four-game suspension - was a torn ACL. That's it. ... I don't think he misses any time this year."

Giancarlo Stanton home runs in 2018: Over/Under total combined home runs for Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi, and Jackie Bradley Jr.

"Let me do some quick math here. I'm gonna put Betts down for 25. I'm gonna put down Benintendi for, call it 15? Then I don't know, what's Jackie Bradley Jr. hit, like 15? That's 55 home runs. I'll say over!" said Jones. "Giancarlo Stanton goes over 55 next year. ... I would like to know the ballpark, honestly, before I go all in on this. But if he's in New York, if he's in St. Louis, something like that, I'd feel good about the over."

Years after this season that Marcus Smart remains a Celtic: Over/under 0.5

"I'll take under on that," said Jones. "As much as [the Celtics] profess their love for Marcus Smart, as much as they are on board with Marcus Smart doing what Marcus Smart does, I don't think that he's anything special, one - and two, I don't think he's the kind of guy that they want to do deep into luxury tax territory for."

Points scored by Jets against Patriots on Sunday: Over/under 23.5

"I guess under? I don't have a great feeling on that one," said Jones. "I don't think highly of the Patriots defense, but what do the Jets do well? I think this is the week where the Patriots finally, finally, blow someone out."

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