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NFLPA Releases COVID-19 Map, With Patriots And Dolphins On Opposite Ends Of Spectrum

BOSTON (CBS) -- The coronavirus pandemic is still presenting some serious challenges to the National Football League season. And both the league and the players' union are currently working behind the scenes to figure out exactly how to get that done.

To help provide a clear picture of the current COVID-19 situation in every NFL city, the NFLPA released a heat map of sorts to show which NFL cities are currently dealing with the most positive cases of the virus.

Using the metric of 14-day average of positive tests per 100,000 people, the map showed that the state of Florida has three of the top four NFL cities in terms of COVID-19 rates: Miami, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay.

The map shows that New England is currently in the best position, COVID-wise, with the New York City area, Buffalo, Detroit, and Philadelphia rounding out the "top five" in that respect.

The most troublesome area at the moment is Miami, which has 67.53 average daily cases per 100,000 people. In Arizona, that number is 54.87, followed by Jacksonville (45.72), Tampa Bay (39.78), Tennessee (35.11), Las Vegas (30.66), and Los Angeles (26.49). Houston, New Orleans, Dallas, Carolina and Atlanta are the other NFL locales with numbers above 20.

On the opposite end, 13 NFL locales have a 14-day average of fewer than 10 positive cases per 100,000 people. Those places are New England, New York City, Buffalo, Detroit, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Seattle, Denver, Washington D.C., Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco and Minnesota.

The middle of the pack ranges from 11.02 cases in Green Bay to 14.2 cases in Kansas City, with Pittsburgh (11.36), Cleveland (11.62) and Cincinnati (11.92) sandwiched between them.

The NFLPA relied on data from Johns Hopkins University to create the visuals.

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