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Wild Animal Attacks 12-Year-Old Boy In Rehoboth

REHOBOTH (CBS) - It's not like the attacking animal took a big chunk out of Wes Brown – but the bite mark is clearly visible on his left leg.

"It wouldn't go away," says the Rehoboth 12-year-old. "It kept coming even after I slammed the door on its head and hit it."

He's talking about his encounter with what the family believes was a Fisher on Monday night behind their home on a rural stretch of Route 44.

WBZ NewsRadio 1030's Carl Stevens reports

Mystery Wild Animal Attacks 12-Year-Old Boy In Rehoboth

Even when the animal let go of his leg, it didn't exactly retreat – until his Mom grabbed a couple of hammers they'd been using to crack open lobsters.

"I just threw them at it because it was still only about two feet away," says Stephanie Brown. "And he ran down the walkway."

Fishers, which are sometimes referred to as fisher cats, are badger-like creatures not known for their sunny disposition.

The Brown's home backs up to some deep woods. The animal was not skittish. In fact, it strolled into a noisy party – with kids in the pool, adults chatting on the screened-in porch, and the Red Sox game blaring on the deck.

"It really wasn't running away at all," says Stephanie Brown. "We were loud. We were screaming. And it really didn't intimidate it at all."

Wes was tossing a football with his cousin when the beast bit him. It fled only after he slammed the screen door on it and his Mom slung those hammers.

On Tuesday, animal control officers warned neighbors and set a trap in the yard – should the fisher cat return.

Experts aren't sure the fisher cat was rabid despite the unusually bold behavior. Of course, doctors are taking no chances with Wes.

The 12-year-old has already started rabies shots – even though he's not real fond of needles.

"I got five shots that were pretty big – all at the same time," Wes says. "If I had done just one at a time it would've hurt more."

Wes got to watch a little world Cup tonight, after his house was besieged by reporters all day. "This was the most attention our family has been given – maybe ever!" says Eric Brown, the boy's Dad.

Still, the scary ordeal seems almost surreal to the Browns. "But it was definitely real!" his Mom says with a laugh.

Wes has the bite to prove that, and admits he'll be a bit squeamish now after dark.


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