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Milan Lucic Shows Off Acting Skills In Ad For Local Bank

BOSTON (CBS) -- With many of his teammates and fellow NHLers getting paid to play overseas during the long lockout, Milan Lucic has found a different way to make a buck.

The B's left winger, known for his bruising hits and bloody fights, showed that even tough guys can shine in front of the camera in a commercial for a local bank. The video was actually posted six months ago on YouTube, but it didn't begin making the rounds until now.

Lucic stars in an ad for the Northern Massachusetts Telephone Workers Community Credit Union, and if the 24-year-old doesn't at least earn an Emmy nomination, then there is cause for outrage on the streets of Boston.

In the ad, Lucic shows great frustration while banking online, when he sees he's being charged for using his debit card. As you can imagine, that rage doubles or triples when he gets charged $5 to use an ATM. (Lucic is due to make $6 million per year from 2013-16, but hey, every dollar counts, you know?)

Lucic then makes a phone call from what is supposed to be a kitchen but looks more like the break room of the bank. Either way, he calls the bank and totally doesn't read his line off a piece of paper. It was the acting apex of the ad, without a doubt ... until the next scene, when Lucic stares into his own eyes in a mirror and practices his breakup speech with his bank. As a warning, the sheer brilliance of this scene may bring a tear to your eye, so beware.

In the conclusion of the ad (maybe we should be calling it a short film?), Lucic (spoiler alert!) walks into NMTW Community Credit Union, looks into the camera and advises you to "break up with your bank" like he did.

After that buildup, you can watch the video below. If that doesn't get you as fired up as a November NHL game between the B's and Canadiens normally would, then you just mustn't truly love the art of acting.

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