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McAdam On Toucher & Rich: Gonzalez's Intensity Questioned In LA

The Red Sox beat the Yankees Tuesday night at Fenway to put the Yankees in a tie for first place with the Orioles.

Comcast SportsNet's own Sean McAdam joined 98.5 The Sports Hub's Toucher & Rich to discuss Rich's visit to the Red Sox locker room, the Washington Nationals shutting down Stephen Strasburg, the LA press questioning Adrian Gonzalez's intensity and is there something in the heads of these Yankees players?

The Washington Nationals made the call to shut down pitcher Stephen Strasburg because he reached a pre-determined innings limit. What does McAdam think of the team's decision?

"Earlier in the year I kind of got it, I understood that they were protecting this long-term investment, but as we get closer to the finish line I don't get it anymore. I think that you only get so many chances at this."

They moved on to talk about the Dodgers and the questioning of Adrian Gonzalez's intensity by some of the LA media.

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"That team was 6-8 going into yesterday I think since the trade, so the arrival of those two guys has not exactly had the intended affect. Rightly or wrongly they were kind of looked upon as guys that were going to rescue the Dodgers and take them to the promised land and win the division and overcome the Giants and do it all in six weeks and it hasn't exactly happened."

Plus is there something in the heads of these Yankees players because of what they could be facing if the team fails this year?

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