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Massachusetts 'Very Much On The Back Side' Of Omicron Surge, Baker Says

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker said Tuesday the state appears to be on "the back side" of its surge in cases of the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

Last week, local epidemiologists said they are cautiously optimistic that the peak of the latest COVID surge may be behind us in Massachusetts, as wastewater shows a decreased presence of the virus. Since that time, the level of COVID in wastewater has continued to decrease on a daily basis.

Samples are taken at the Deer Island Treatment Plant three times a week. The wastewater tested flows in from 43 communities around Boston. Testing detects the virus from people who have symptoms and from people who don't.

Baker was asked about the wastewater data during a news conference on COVID testing for schools Tuesday.

"It's down probably somewhere between 65 and 75% of where it was at the peak a couple weeks ago. Which is exactly the same trajectory that people saw with Omicron in UK, in South Africa, and in other parts of the US," Baker said, describing the trajectory of Omicron surges as "straight up and straight down."

The governor said that while many aspects of the COVID pandemic are unpredictable, he is optimistic that the wastewater data will continue in the right direction.

"Several people have written about this and said that this appears to be good news," Baker said. "The one thing I would say about COVID generally is you just never know. But it certainly does look like we are very much on the back side of the Omicron surge in Massachusetts."

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