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Massachusetts COVID Vaccine Rollout 'Clearly' Not Going Fast Enough, Rep. Seth Moulton Says

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts Congressman Seth Moulton said the state's COVID-19 vaccination process is "clearly" moving too slow. Moulton urged Gov. Charlie Baker's office to act with more urgency to get the vaccine to residents quicker.

"Clearly it's not going fast enough," Moulton told CBSN Boston. "We have to work with the Baker administration to make sure it improves, it gets better, and that we vaccinate as many people as possible as quickly as possible."

As of January 14, a total of 206,190 first doses and 32,984 second doses of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered in Massachusetts.

"I think what the Baker administration seems to be trying to do is taking a very methodical approach. That's good sometimes. But there's urgency here," Moulton said. "We need to get the vaccine out. We need to get the vaccine to as many people as possible. And we've got to make sure we get them especially to the vulnerable communities, Including communities of color around the Bay State."

Moulton said he has heard from his constituents who "just don't even know where to start," which he says is "a real problem."

"It should be very simple to just sign up for a vaccine and find out when and where you can get it," Moulton said. "I don't understand why there's not just one website where every resident of Massachusetts, regardless of your health care plan or provider, can go to and say 'I'm in line for a vaccine, tell me where to go and when and I will be there to get it administered.'"

A spokesperson for Gov. Baker said there are "a number of online resources where people can get more information on the vaccine, including when they are eligible and where they can sign up for an appointment."

For more information, visit the state's website.

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