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Mass. State Rep. Candidate Calls Sparkler Ban "Anti-American"

HOLLISTON (CBS) - A Massachusetts political candidate is calling the state's ban on sparklers "anti-American."

Marty Lamb, who's running for state representative, says he wants Massachusetts to consider legalizing sparklers, which are allowed in 46 other states.

"The state wants to control every action and regulate everything we do," says Lamb. "We can't even pick up a sparkler with our kids to celebrate the Fourth of July."

But the Fire Chief in Lamb's hometown of Holliston says there are good reasons. "The tip of the sparkler burns at 12 hundred degrees. Glass melts at 900. This is a severe safety concern for me," says Chief Michael Cassidy.

According to federal consumer statistics, some 9,600 people were treated for fireworks related burns last year. Eighteen percent of them involved sparklers.

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"I'm looking at jobs, the lack of jobs, and over-regulation, and this is just a prime example of overregulation," says Lamb.

Over the state line in Rhode Island, Michael O'Neill, owner of Slojo's Fireworks says 90 percent of his customers are from Massachusetts. Guess what he sells more than any other item? "Sparklers are the number one seller," he says.


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