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Letter Written By World War II Soldier Arrives In Woburn 76 Years Later

WOBURN (CBS) - For six years now, Angelina Gonsalves of Woburn has been missing her late husband Johnny.

"I loved him dearly and he was quite a guy. I still feel his presence, I really do," Gonsalves told WBZ-TV.

Her soulmate of 61 years, he was the father to her five sons.

"It was just a funny feeling, he was around us at Christmas time. One of his favorite times of the year," she said, smiling.

So, imagine the family's joy, to open this - a hello from heaven, in the form of a long-lost letter.

"This was written December 6th, 1945… It says 'Dear Mom,'" Angelina reads.

Angelina Gonsalves
Angelina Gonsalves reads letter written by husband in 1945 (WBZ-TV)

Now Angelina was his bride, of course. But this message was written by her lifelong love - her Johnny - just the same.

"I love it. I love it. When I think it's all his words, I can't believe it. It's wonderful. And I feel like I have him here with me, you know?" Angelina says with a beaming smile.

She hadn't met her husband when he wrote it. He was 22, serving overseas in World War II, and counting the days until he'd be home.

"Give my love to the family in regards to all. Take care, love and kisses your son Johnny. I'll be seeing you soon I hope," she reads.

The 76-year-old letter recently turned up at a post office in Pittsburgh. After the employees of that facility did some research, they sent this letter to the city that it was destined for - three quarters of a century before.

As sweet a surprise as this overdue delivery was, Angelina never needs reminding of just how good she and her Johnny had it.

"We were good together, " she said. "I had a good Life, I really did. It was wonderful."

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