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Jerry Remy Announces He's Returning To NESN's Red Sox Broadcast Booth

BOSTON (CBS) -- When the Boston Red Sox return to television screens this spring, fans will once again be hearing the familiar voice of Jerry Remy describing the action.

Remy, 61, announced on Twitter on Monday that he will be returning to the NESN broadcast booth for the 2014 season.

Watch: WBZ-TV's Jonathan Elias talks with Remy:

"I'll be back for 2014," Remy said via his @RemDawg Twitter account.

"It was difficult offseason -- appreciate all your support -- looking fwd to spring training."

Remy took a leave of absence last year after his son was charged with murder. There were questions regarding Remy's future on NESN, but Monday's announcement means he'll be broadcasting Red Sox games for his 27th season.

"We look forward to having Jerry back in the booth for the 2014 season," NESN president and CEO Sean McGrail said in an announcement.

"It was a difficult personal decision for Jerry to make and all of us at NESN and the Red Sox are completely supportive of his return to our broadcast."

Remy spoke with WBZ-TV's Jonathan Elias Monday night about his decision to return.

"A lot went through my mind," Remy said.

"There was a period you know in November, December that I was positive that I was not going to come back and then some friends and my wife got to me, and we kind of talked things out and decided that you know it was probably the best thing to do."

Remy said he understands not everyone will be happy he's back.

"I am a father of a son that is accused of murder," Remy said. "If I was not in the public eye all of the time, it probably wouldn't make a difference. I would be out doing my job and that would be it."

Remy has missed several long stretches in recent years. He missed time while recovering from surgery to treat lung cancer and also dealing with depression, and he later missed an extended period due to pneumonia.

"I've been in this game for 40 years, and I never quit anything," Remy told Elias. "So I didn't feel like I was going to quit this."

A former major league second baseman, Remy spent seven seasons with the Red Sox from 1978-1984.

He's worked for NESN since 1988.



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