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Jack, Liz, Bob, Bruce & Joyce Reunite Decades Later On WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) - "The comeback that's taking the airwaves by storm." That's the line delivered by beloved WBZ-TV anchor Jack Williams in a promotional video for the big event – and it couldn't be more true. That big event unfolded right on the WBZ news desk, when the legendary team of Jack, Liz Walker, Bob Lobel, Bruce Schwoegler and Joyce Kulhawik reunited.

Throughout the 1980s and 90s the five were a staple in Boston homes. As part of WBZ's 70th anniversary, we brought the team back together to catch up with the viewers, and each other. That magic that they shared all those years ago, was still present.

"There was some kind of instant chemistry," Joyce reminisced.

"It was genuine. Real," Liz added. "There was an authenticity. It wasn't staged. It wasn't canned. It just was what the relationship was. That made the difference."

These five were a team for 17 years, starting in 1981. What they delivered each night was different.

"I think before we had this team, everyone just delivered the script," Joyce said. "From Liz and Bob and Jack, there would be these off hand comments and jokes. People hadn't really seen that before."

"We had, I think, one of the highest ratings in the country," Jack recalled.

The team revived their old roles for a fun video promoting their appearance (below).

They won awards. They changed local news.

Jack changed lives with Wednesday's Child. More than 700 children were placed with adoptive families as a result of his weekly reports.

Liz was the first African American weekday anchor in Boston.

"You can't ever forget what a social contribution she made to the city of Boston," Bob wanted to remind viewers.

"It was not just that," Liz answered. "You guys welcomed me and we fit in. We became a community. That sent a really good message out to a city that had been struggling."

Bruce was here for the Blizzard of '78 – nearly nonstop.

"I did that for five days in a row," he recalled. "The other guys couldn't get in."

Joyce was the first fulltime Arts & Entertainment reporter in the country – and the name Ben Affleck and Matt Damon yelled out in the press room after winning their Oscar for "Good Will Hunting."

"We used that in a promo for the next 15 years," Joyce laughed.

Then of course there is Bob, whose wise-cracking sense of humor gave sports fans a catch phrase for life. How often do people say to him, "Why can't we get players like that?"

"Every day. I don't know what to say back to them except, thanks. Thanks for remembering that."

No, thank you Bob. And Jack and Liz and Bruce and Joyce. For delivering the news, and so much more.

"We had a chance to do something special, and I think we did," Bob said. "We were pretty lucky. We caught the wave. We were in the right place at the right time."

"It's nice to be remembered," Liz reflected. "It was a special time and to be here with these guys now is nice."

The conversation continued for about half an hour, sharing behind the scenes stories and laughing about their favorite memories. You can watch the full reunion in the video below.

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