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I-Team: Truck Driver's License Suspended After Crash That Killed Trooper Tamar Bucci

STONEHAM (CBS) – The I-Team has learned that the state suspended the license of the truck driver involved in the crash that killed State Trooper Tamar Bucci.

As for the company he worked for, PJ Murphy Transportation was fined for a 10,000-gallon fuel spill in Revere in 2020. The spill caused damage to nearby wetlands, and the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection fined the company $60,000 and ordered the company to clean it up.

The driver of the truck involved in Thursday's crash, a Methuen man, had both his driver's license and his commercial license suspended by the Registry of Motor Vehicles on Friday. No charges have been filed in the crash.

The I-Team obtained a copy of his driving record and found he was cited in New Hampshire in 2018 for a marked lane violation, and in 2019, was found responsible for a collision.

Investigators are checking his driving history and trying to reconstruct the crash, said former Boston Police commissioner and WBZ-TV security analyst, Ed Davis. "There are also computers inside the cars that are analyzed by the investigators, so they can see exactly what happened. There are drones that allow the crash scene to be mapped, every piece of evidence to be documented, measurements are made automatically," Davis said.

I-Team sources said much of investigators' focus is on the video from the cameras in Bucci's cruiser, which captured the crash and the moments leading up to it. It's likely police will also gather evidence from the tractor-trailer itself, the truck's black box or data recorder, to learn more about the truck's speed just before the crash, Davis said.

"These tractor-trailer trucks are very heavy; they're very hard to stop. But anybody that's saying they know what happened at this point in time is really jumping to conclusions. I would be very cautious. You have to wait until all the evidence is on the table," Davis said.

The I-Team reached out to both the company and the driver for comment. Neither responded.

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