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Holyoke Police Respond To 9 Heroin Overdoses In 16 Hours

HOLYOKE (CBS) -- Holyoke police are trying to raise awareness about heroin overdoses in the town and the particular drug that may be responsible after they responded to nine heroin overdoses in 16 hours.

Holyoke police said a series of heroin overdoses started in the town on Friday. They said most of the victims were saved due to a quick response by medical professionals and the use of Narcan, a naloxone nasal spray that can stop someone from dying of an opioid overdose.

Only one victim died, police said.

Though Holyoke police do not usually mention any identifying characteristics of confiscated drugs, they said they believe the link between these overdoses is the use of heroin from bags stamped "POWER." Police are so concerned about the deadly consequences of the drug that they are warning users to stay away from drugs with that label at all costs.

The overdoses are still under investigation.


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