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Framingham Man May Lose Home After Bank Witholds $50K Insurance Check

FRAMINGHAM (CBS) - The effects of a punishing winter are still hurting some homeowners, including a man in Framingham.

The damage in Dwight Woytowick's home was extensive. The ceiling collapsed; walls, floors and carpets were all ruined.

"(Water) was just cascading water down the walls," he explained.

WBZ-TV's Kate Merrill reports

Months after ice-dams ruined his home, Woytowick received an insurance check for nearly $50,000.

The problem is, he hasn't been able to spend a dime.

The check was made out to him and his bank. The bank won't give him the money.

The mortgage company, Chase told him since he was doing the repairs himself, he had to do at least 50 percent of the work before they reimburse him.

The single father who designs cell phone apps says he spent $12,000; most of his savings and retirement to repair ceilings, replace windows and repaint.

In the process, Woytowick fell behind on his mortgage, prompting Chase to change its mind.

"Now they said 'no, you are behind with your mortgage so we won't release the funds,'" Woytowick explained.

Now, Chase says he has to finish 90 percent of the work and catch up on his payments before they hand over any of the money.

To Dwight, that's a deal that's not only unfair, but it isn't possible. "It's absolutely impossible. I'm out of money now," he said.

A representative at Chase told WBZ-TV that the bank is looking into the situation.

As for Dwight's home, he says if he doesn't get the check, it will be in foreclosure in about a month.

By law, Dwight's insurance company had to put both names on the check. But, they seem baffled by Chase's move. They say they've never seen a mortgage company do this, and believe Chase's actions are heavy-handed and excessive.

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