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Felger & Mazz: Patriots Can't Blame Refs For MNF Loss

BOSTON (CBS) - The Patriots fell to 7-3 after a controversial call ended their chances of getting a win in Carolina on Monday Night Football.

Behind 27-23 with 59 seconds left in the game and three timeouts, quarterback Tom Brady drove the Patriots down the field to the Carolina 18-yard line with just four seconds left on the clock.

Brady targeted tight end Rob Gronkowski in the endzone, but the pass was short and intercepted by Panthers safety Robert Lester as time expired. Gronk was bear-hugged by former Boston College standout Luke Kuechly on the play, which drew a penalty from back judge Terrence Miles.

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The referees held a mini-conference to sort things out, but ultimately the flag was picked up by head referee Clete Blakeman without explanation and the game was over.

Were the Patriots on the wrong end of a bad call?

Yes, absolutely.

But they only have themselves to blame, according to some members of the panel - Tony Massarotti being one of them.

Mazz points to five things in the game that cost the Patriots, even before the last-second effort in the final moments of the game.

  1. Logan Mankins' personal foul
  2. Steven Ridley's fumble
  3. Devin McCourty's defensive holding
  4. Kyle Arrington's missed tackle, which led to a Ted Ginn touchdown
  5. Questionable play-calling on that fateful 3rd-and-1

As a rule of thumb Mazz hates blaming the referees when your team loses, calling it "a weakness of character."

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Former Patriots tight end Jermaine Wiggins was a guest on Tuesday's show, and called Mazz out for being hypocritical.

"Coming from the guy who I had to listen to complain about how the referees blew the game in New Orleans-San Francisco with that hit on Drew Brees..." said an angered Wiggy. "Now not even 24 hours later you're saying we shouldn't blame the refs for a bad call."

Mike Felger doesn't have a problem with the referee's decision to pick up the flag because he felt like the play had no chance anyways, whereas Marc Bertrand thinks penalties shouldn't be turned off in the final minutes of games.

"I hate the idea that in the final minutes, because we hate seeing flags, that penalties are turned off. A lot of people feel and think that way," said Beetle. "I hate that way of thinking."

It turned into a very spirited debate, listen to the discussion below:

Patriots Jobbed By The Refs At Their Own Undoing


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