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Bryan Purdie Held Without Bail For Alleged Home Invasion, Kidnapping In Falmouth

FALMOUTH (CBS) -- The man accused of breaking into an apartment and kidnapping a woman was in Falmouth District Court on Friday. Prosecutors say 32-year-old Bryan Purdie faces 15 charges related to breaking into an apartment and a subsequent chase through Falmouth that followed.

State prosecutors say Purdie forced his way into an upstairs apartment on Carriage Shop Road on Thursday, bringing along a bag, duct tape, and a handgun with him.

Police say the apartment belongs to the cousin of Purdue's on-again, off-again girlfriend, who was also inside at the time.

Once inside, police say an argument began. Purdie allegedly took the four peoples' cell phones and told them to get on the couch while continuing to threaten them with the gun.

Police say Purdie fired a shot in the direction of one of the people in the apartment but missed. That bullet was shot toward the floor, going through the ceiling of the apartment below. Police say no one was injured from the bullet.

The downstairs neighbor was home at the time and called police. When they arrived, police say, Purdie was pulling out of the driveway with her girlfriend in the passenger seat of the car.

She later told police Purdie had "pistol-whipped" her and forced her in. From there, Purdie led police on a chase along Route 28.

In court, prosecutors said Purdie was weaving in and out of traffic at a high rate of speed and even blew past a school bus with its stop sign out as it was unloading children.

Purdie was ultimately arrested after his car crashed and he tried to run away.

Neighbors, who did not want to be identified, tell WBZ-TV the are not surprised by what happened but are concerned.

One neighbor said he even tried to slow Purdie down after he knew police were on the way.

"I put some wheel chocks under the car to kind of slow them down a bit," the neighbor said. "And then he came out with the girl."

Purdie was held without bail pending his dangerousness hearing next Thursday. The state entered not guilty pleas on his behalf for all charges.

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