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Dozens Of Car Tires Slashed In Brockton

BROCKTON (CBS) - A man driving on a motorized bicycle probably had an easier time getting around a Brockton neighborhood than those with cars.

Dozens and dozens of vehicles off several streets by North Main Street had their tires slashed.

Liana Alves lives off Falmouth Avenue.

"I was so mad. I woke up everybody that was in the neighborhood," said Alves. At 7:00 A.M. on her way to start the day, she found one of her tires slashed. She is a single mom of three kids. She said she was late to work and her son late to school.

Brockton tire
Slashed tire in Brockton (WBZ-TV)

Some residents found one tire slashed, others two.

Jose Ramos had a tire slashed. He missed a day of work. After fixing his tire, he moved on to patch the two tires damaged on his neighbor's car.

"It was shocking to see the tire like that and then realize it's now only you," said Ramos. "To whomever did it, it didn't cost them anything."

Now, it is the families who are dealing with lost wages and an unexpected bill.

"That's money I have to take out of paying bills. This is not OK we work hard and we have families to raise," said Alves.

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