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Daily Talker: Despite Team's Wishes, Woman Spreads Father's Ashes At Fenway

Dave Johnson of Hartford, Connecticut, was a die-hard Red Sox fan. When he passed away his family wanted to do something special with his ashes. So the family asked the Red Sox for permission to spread some of his ashes at Fenway Park. When the team said no, Johnson's daughter did it anyway. Megan Johnson says her dad was a "rule breaker" and she followed in his footsteps on Sunday when she let some of her father's ashes land on the hallowed ground behind home plate. The Red Sox used to allow grieving families to spread the ashes of deceased loved ones, but they got so many requests they had to stop the practice.

In a statement to WBZ the team says, "We are touched that people have such a powerful connection with Fenway Park and request this be their final resting place, however the sheer volume made it difficult to continue this practice." There are no laws in Massachusetts that prevent what Megan did at Fenway. But one funeral home director encourages families to scatter ashes at sea, on the beach during the early morning hours or in private gardens and says the most important thing is to scatter the remains in a "dignified" manner and that means away from crowds.

What do you think? Was it ok for this family to scatter their father's ashes at Fenway? Should Fenway bring back the practice?

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