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Cyclist's video shows Boston bike lanes blocked by cars

Cyclist's video shows Boston bike lanes blocked by cars
Cyclist's video shows Boston bike lanes blocked by cars 02:01

BOSTON - Matthew Dezii lives in Brighton and bikes into the city nearly five days a week. "Having protected bike lanes is good for everybody," said Dezii. "I have had plenty of close calls. I have been struck by drivers."

Whenever the 29-year-old is on his bike, his camera is on too, capturing videos of congested bike lanes. He recently captured video of Cambridge Street being blocked, but he says it happens all over town.

Dezii says when cyclists are pushed out of their lanes, it's dangerous for not only them, but drivers too. It forces them into parts of the road or sidewalk where they're not supposed to be.

"What we are starting to do is shift the bike lane closer to the curb," said Jascha Franklin-Hodge, Chief of Streets Boston.

Franklin-Hodge says bike lanes will start looking different to drivers and it's going to take some time to for them to adjust.

"It takes them a second before they notice the signs are different or that pavement markings are different," Franklin-Hodge said.

On Cambridge Street Friday, dump trucks being used for construction at City Hall were parked in the bike lanes. That forced cyclists on the sidewalk with pedestrians.

Bumps in the road for a system under change. Dezii has a message to those who might be resistant to it.

"Frankly, if I am not driving into the city, I am one less car they have to fight for space with downtown. I am on my bike I am out of their way," Dezii said.

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