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Gov. Baker Pleads For 'Every Single Person' To Get Serious About Masks, Limiting Gatherings

BOSTON (CBS) -- Gov. Charlie Baker reminded Massachusetts residents that "every single person" has a significant role in slowing the spread of coronavirus. He asked everyone to "change their behavior and get serious about who they spend time with, how they act."

"I can't emphasize enough how important it is… for people to truly wrap their head around this concept that the innocent acts of small gatherings is where COVID is finding its greatest opportunities spread," Baker said Friday.

Since Labor Day, coronavirus cases have increased by seven times and have increased by two times.

According to the governor, "there have been several studies that have been done shown that people's social circles have actually grown since last spring, primarily as a result of people getting comfortable."

"If you're not around members of your immediate family - and I mean your immediate family - you should wear a mask indoors and outdoors," Baker said.

"We're living in a pandemic. I know some people would prefer to think otherwise, but it's true; and it's real."

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