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Coronavirus Protection: Gardner Couple Makes, Distributes Masks For Free

FITCHBURG (CBS) - Usually Eddie Vargas and his sons demonstrate their skills at the Fitchburg skate park, but this time he and his wife showcase their sewing.

"The top one is for you and the apple is for your wife," said Eddie Vargas, as he handed a bag of masks to a gentleman.

They create face masks for anyone who needs one.

"They're actually for my parents and my husband. My husband is immune compromised and both my parents are over 60," said Gena Wright who was picking up masks Wednesday.

It's an effort Dalis Garcia started on top of her regular job. Dalis works as a home nurse. Eddie also has a personal interest in curbing the spread of the virus – one of his relatives died from Covid-19.

Dalis Garcia
Dalis Garcia and Eddie Vargas (WBZ-TV)

The couple doesn't charge anything for their effort. Eddie said many people find that difficult to believe. Folks often give a donation of money or fabric.

"Regardless whether they can donate or not, it's just a good feeling knowing that you can help out," said Vargas.

All the donations go into more masks. Over four weeks, they have distributed 200.

Each mask takes about 25 minutes to make; Eddie with the prep work and, Dalis working the sewing machine.

"I measure and I cut the fabric and prepare the material," said Vargas.

"I really enjoy making each one of them," said Garcia.

They use social media to spread the offer of free masks.

"I think it's great. It really helps a lot a lot of people and anything that helps keep the numbers down is great," said Wright.

With each stitch, the couple hopes they inspire others to do something great as well.

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