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Boston University Researchers Work To Develop Quick Coronavirus Test For Doctors' Offices

BOSTON (CBS) – Researchers at Boston University School of Medicine are working to develop a coronavirus test that can be used in doctors' offices and hospitals to quickly test for coronavirus.

"We have in the past done a lot of research trying to develop these tests for other viruses such as ebola, and now we're turning our attention to trying to develop these same diagnostic technologies for COVID-19," said Dr. John Connor, and associate professor of microbiology at the medical school.

Connor said it's important to have a test that can be done quickly and in multiple places. Connor said a number of labs around the Boston area and around the country are working on developing a quick test for the coronavirus. Connor said researchers are also learning about the virus as they develop diagnostic tools.

"I think almost everything about this virus has been completely surprising," Connor said.

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