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SB Nation Calls Out Celtics Fans For Chanting F-Word At Wizards' Oubre

BOSTON (CBS) -- Boston sports fans have been in the national crosshairs in recent weeks, due to reported incidents involving racial epithets at Fenway Park. But the latest admonishment of Boston fans involved a word that's spoken fairly frequently at sporting events, not just in Boston but around the world.

Celtics fans were virtually guaranteed to shower the Wizards' Kelly Oubre Jr. with boos during their 123-101 win in Game 5 of their playoff series, after the 21-year-old charged into the Celtics' Kelly Olynyk over a hard screen in Game 3. Oubre was suspended for Game 4 following the incident.

Fans at the TD Garden chanted "We want Oubre!" before the 21-year-old entered the game, and added your standard run-of-the-mill "Ooou-bre" chant after he stepped onto the floor. But later in the game, the crowd got considerably more vulgar, chanting "[Expletive] you Oubre!" (Warning: NSFW language below.)

The chant was certainly aggressive and profane, but it was far from the first time that the F-word had been uttered (or even chanted) at a game anywhere, let alone in Boston.

The SB Nation Twitter account took issue with the chanting, tweeting about it with an article by Tim Cato during the game.

SB Nation then doubled down on the Boston criticism on Thursday morning.

To be fair to Cato, who didn't tweet about the incident himself, his article doesn't take a particularly negative slant against the Boston fans. But whoever runs the SB Nation Twitter account came off like someone who not only has a personal vendetta against Boston but has never been to a sporting event in his or her life - or perhaps just wanted some easy web traffic.

Fans were quick to shout down SB Nation for its overly sensitive tweets - no profanity necessary.

Not to mention, Oubre himself handled the vicious treatment from the fans quite well.

"I mean, that was definitely expected, I wasn't really surprised with anything that I heard," said Oubre, according to the Washington Post. "Just the amount of people yelling my name, just singling me out is crazy. But it's definitely a blessing to be in this position.

"Monday [in a potential Game 7], I want to get back here — we have to get back here — so we have to take care of business at home and get back here so I can hear my name some more."

Boston has certainly had a number of offensive and cringe-worthy incidents in the past involving fans and indefensible, ugly language. But Wednesday night was not one of them.

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