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Carolina Hurricanes' Twitter Account Twists The Knife On Rough Stretch For Boston Sports

BOSTON (CBS) -- Losing any game is tough. Losing a hockey game 7-1 is even tougher.

And getting trash-talked by a team's Twitter account after that loss? Even worse.

That's the position that the city of Boston finds itself in, though, thanks to the Carolina Hurricanes. Their six-goal win on Tuesday night at the TD Garden wasn't enough, as the Canes' Twitter account went ahead and tapped in to the lingering sting left over from the Patriots' 47-17 thumping at the hands of the Bills on Saturday night.

"Rough few days in Beantown," the account tweeted, sharing screen shots of the box scores from both games, spliced with some popular paparazzi pictures of a strained Ben Affleck.


The Hurricanes' Twitter account describes itself as representing "the most fun team in hockey." But the greater Boston area will likely not mind skipping out on that fun for a little while after a night -- and a tweet -- like that.

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