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Buy Or Sell: Will Michael Floyd Catch A Touchdown For The Patriots This Season?

BOSTON (CBS) -- It was a Game of Jones Monday as 98.5 The Sports Hub's Adam Jones and Tim McKone played a round of "Buy or Sell" covering the Patriots, NFL, and college football. Check out the questions (and Jones' answers) below.

Buy Or Sell: LeGarrette Blount will run for 10 touchdowns next season

"I'm going to sell that LeGarrette Blount has 10 touchdowns next year - shocker!" said Jones. "And here's where I think the real shocker comes in: I'm not even sure he's back here next year in New England. ... With all the free agents they have, I'm not sure [Blount's] the kind of guy I think is going to be back next season."

Buy Or Sell: Michael Floyd will catch a touchdown this season for the Patriots

"I actually buy that Floyd is going to catch a touchdown this year, and here's why," said Jones. "I'm just guessing that the Patriots are going to have things wrapped up by the Miami game in Week 17. ... I think they're going to try to get Floyd some burn. When they're down by the goal line, there's no more Gronk so who's your big, physical target? It's Marty Bennett and that's about it."

Buy Or Sell: Patriots fans purchasing airplane tickets to Houston for Super Bowl LI

"I would probably go buy a couple of tickets to Houston for the Super Bowl," said Jones. "The Patriots look like by far the best team in the AFC, you're probably not going to regret that purchase."

Buy Or Sell: Projected NFL first-rounders Christian McCaffrey and Leonard Fournette sitting out their bowl games

"I buy that they should be allowed," said Jones. "I understand the criticism; it feels like they're turning their back on their teammates, but I'm fine with those guys sitting out what amounts to a meaningless bowl game to invest in their future."

Buy Or Sell: It was valid to wonder if the Dallas Cowboys should go with Tony Romo over Dak Prescott at QB before Sunday night

"I also buy that it was valid to wonder if Dallas should go with Romo," said Jones. "I've been a Dak guy through and through. ... But that said, how could you not be wondering? How could you not be looking at it, based on the way Prescott had played? And if Prescott continued to go down a spiral, if he continued to go down a certain path, I thought you would have had to look at it really hard for Dallas."

Listen to the full podcast below:

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