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Brad Marchand explains why he deleted his Twitter account

BOSTON -- Brad Marchand has done something that a lot of us wish we could do: The Bruins forward has deleted his Twitter account.

Marchand was a pretty active -- and funny -- Twitter user over the years, unafraid to poke fun at fans and opposing teams. Basically, it was exactly what you would expect out of Brad Marchand on Twitter.

But he made the shocking move to delete his social media account Wednesday night, leading many to assume that he deleted the account to focus on the upcoming Stanley Cup playoffs. That is not the case, however.

As Marchand explained Thursday, he deleted the account for financial purposes.

"Yeah, I'm not paying. I'm not doing it," Marchand said of the new $8 monthly free the two-step verification on ones account. "You're not getting me.

"They took my two-step verification, so I said I'm gonna get out now while I can. The last thing I need is someone hacking," he added. "So if anything comes up, it wasn't me."

At least not for now. Marchand's behavior on the ice has improved over the years, but he's still Brad Marchand. What is he going to do when he comes up with a great zinger and has no one to share it with?

That's when a return to Twitter could come into play.

"I don't care about Twitter that much to pay for it. It's fun to go on and have some fun every now and then, but I'm not paying for it," he echoed. "So I decided to get rid of it. I'm sure I'll be back on at some point, when I'm bored and want to make fun of someone."

So for now, we won't get any great Marchand one-liners on Twitter. On the ice, however, remains very much in play.

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