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6-Year-Old Boy Donates $900 In Birthday Money To 'Cops For Kids With Cancer'

GLOUCESTER (CBS) - Six-year-old Mason Adams is a kid of few words.

He may not be old enough to understand the true impact he has made, but he is already teaching others about giving back.

Mason had his sixth birthday in March and decided he did not want a single present. Instead, he wanted all of his birthday money to be donated to the Gloucester Police Department.

Mason Adams
Mason Adams with his family and Gloucester Police Officers. (WBZ-TV)

Mason set up a GoFundMe page and, in lieu of birthday presents, he raised $900, all to be donated to the organization Cops for Kids with Cancer. Since 2004, the organization has given $2.5 million to police families in need.

Mason delivered a check for $900 to the police department Thursday and received a special citation from Gloucester's mayor.

Mason Adams
Mason Adams's citation. (WBZ-TV)

Mason's mother, Gretchen Adams, says cancer is a big topic for a six-year-old, but she explained to him what it meant.

"His response was, 'That stinks, kids shouldn't be sick,'" she told WBZ-TV.

Mason Adams
Mason Adams. (WBZ-TV)

Mason has a goal of visiting six kids in the hospital and buying them toys.

He wants to be a police officer when he grows up and he is already making a mark on the community with his big heart.

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