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As Snow Leaves Massachusetts, Below Freezing Temperatures Now The Main Concern

BOSTON (CBS) - Was it really 70 degrees just a few days ago or am I dreaming? Or maybe this snow is a dream and it is still 70?

Dream, nightmare, either way, this has been a pretty remarkable stretch of weather. We were receiving pictures of spring bulbs popping just hours ago and now, we are buried once again.

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This was the third biggest snowstorm of the season in Boston. The city now sits at 50.6 inches for this winter, our first above average season in five years and, the most since 2017-2018 (59.5"). And to think, almost all of the accumulation has come in four events and a total of about 24 hours.

Remarkably, Boston still has the lead over Worcester for the season. If that holds, it would be the first time in nearly 50 years that Boston finished with a higher snow total.


The rest of Friday will mainly feature light, scattered snow showers. Figure about another coating to an inch or two in most areas through 11 p.m. when the last of the snow ends over southeastern Mass. and the Cape. So, if you haven't started your cleanup, I'd say it is safe to do so, just keep in mind you might need one last pass later this evening or tomorrow morning.


The main concern from here on out will be dropping temperatures along the coast and over southeast Mass. During the day on Friday, we had a coastal front set up. While most areas to the north and west of Boston were stuck in the low 20s, easterly winds off the relatively mild Atlantic pushed temperatures near or slightly above freezing in Boston and areas back to about Route 128 and over most of southeastern Massachusetts.

As the storm pulls away later Friday afternoon, the winds will shift from easterly to northerly. This will draw down much colder air and cause a flash freeze in those "milder" areas. It will start around 4 p.m. in Boston and temperatures will tumble southward in the hours to follow. The last to dip below freezing, the outer Cape, around 11 p.m.. Any untreated surfaces will ice up.


Looking beyond, things look cold. Most of the area will stay below freezing all day Saturday. With some late winter sunshine, snow and ice on exposed pavement should still melt quite a bit.

Sunday we sneak above freezing but there is a risk of a passing snow squall Sunday evening/night with the arrival of another Arctic front. Monday is just a terribly cold day for the last day of February. Highs stuck in the teens and 20s - yuck. We recover to around "average" by midweek and thankfully, no major storms in sight for a while.

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