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'Don't Hesitate': Mayor Walsh Urges 'Everyone' In Boston To Get A Coronavirus Test

BOSTON (CBS) -- Mayor Marty Walsh is encouraging residents of Boston to get a coronavirus test, even if they aren't feeling sick. He called testing "one of my most essential weapons in this fight."

Coronavirus testing is "widely available" in Boston, Walsh said, with more than 20 locations and mobile testing sites around the city.

"I just want to urge everyone today to please go get a test. Don't hesitate," Walsh said. "Even if you don't think you meet those criteria, we're asking you to take the test."

Boston's Health and Human Services Chief Marty Martinez said anyone who has been interacting with other people and not always social distancing or wearing a mask should get a test.

"We want people to access testing across the city, and that includes whether you are symptomatic or not. If you've been in large groups, if you've been socializing, if you've been going out, but you're asymptomatic - you don't have any symptoms at all - we still encourage you to go get a test," he said. "We have the capacity to do and we encourage people to get tested."

Boston has recorded more than 14,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus so far. A list of coronavirus testing locations in Boston can be found here.

"Getting tested is certainly good for you individually, to know if you have the virus or if you're carrying the virus," Walsh said. "It's also good for your family. It's good progress for our city and the Commonwealth as we continue to move forward."

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