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Several Massachusetts Schools Close Monday To Allow Extra Time For Snow Removal

BROCKTON (CBS) – Several Massachusetts school districts kept their doors closed Monday after a brutal blizzard swept through New England on Saturday.

In Brockton, many sidewalks and bus stops were still snow logged as the city got over two feet of snow.

Crews worked at Brockton High school using a snow blower to remove snow from the sidewalks, and plows to salt and clear the massive parking lots.

"The sidewalks are still not clean so people taking buses and all that can't really get around safely because also the roads are tight, so they'd probably have a good chance of getting hit by cars," said Brockton High School senior Gavin Gareri.

Chelsea was another school district that was closed on Monday. Superintendent of Schools Dr. Almi Abeyta said it was a "better safe than sorry" approach.

"We have a lot of people in condensed space because Chelsea is very condensed, and we have many students that walk. So I just wanted to make sure that my students were safe on the sidewalks and not having to walk into the street," Abeyta said.

After an extra day of clean up, Abeyta said she feels comfortable opening back up on Tuesday.

"I have peace about bringing our kids back tomorrow. I feel like it's safer outside," she said.

Abeyta is telling families to tell their kids to take it slow to school on Tuesday because there still will be plenty of snow.

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