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Ask A Boston Expert: 5 Tips For Giving Your Pet A Quality Bath

Dog Bath
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Pawsh Dog Boutique and Salon has been serving the Back Bay dog community since 2008. They sell a wide variety of high-quality dog toys, clothing and accessories, as well as all-natural (and some organic) dog food and treats. They recently renovated their grooming area, expanding their space, and are proud to employ three of the best dog groomers in the city of Boston.

Eric Chassey
Pawsh Boston
31 Gloucester St.
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 391-0880

Eric Chassey is a competitive dog groomer and has won awards grooming various breeds including poodles and terriers. He currently competes in the "open division" across the country. He has been grooming for 10 years and has been working at Pawsh for almost two years. If anyone knows about giving baths to pets, it's Chassey. He has tons of experience with his own pets and with other people's dogs, and he knows the best ways to ensure that your pet is both safe and clean.

Giving your pet a bath can be hard, as it's usually the last thing they want to be a part of. But there are some tricks that can make it much better for you both. Below, check out Eric's five tips for giving your pet a quality bath.

Get All Of The Shampoo Out

"Always make sure the water temperature is comfortable for your dog. Rinse out all of the shampoo. Shampoo residue left in the coat can result in dry skin and itchiness."

Avoid Your Pet's Eyes

"Be very careful not to get shampoo in the eyes. It can cause corneal abrasions and be made worse if the dog tries to scratch at his or her eyes with their nails. For dogs with sensitive eyes, you can use a more gentle puppy shampoo around the face and eyes."

Watch Out For Those Ears

"Make sure excessive water does not get in the ears, as it can cause ear infections. A drying ear wash should be used after the bath to prevent ear infections."

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Grab A Brush While Drying

"Make sure to actively brush your dog while you are drying him/her because mats (knots in the hair) are most commonly caused by bathing a dog without brushing properly. When mats become excessive or are located in sensitive areas (armpits and ears) they usually cannot be brushed out humanely, and must be shaved to release the pulling they cause on the dog's skin."

Have Fun!

"Make sure it's a pleasant and enjoyable experience for your dog. Remember, it should be a fun and bonding experience for you and your dog."

"While bathing your dog at home is a great idea and will help maintain his or her overall health, it is not a substitute for taking your dog to a professional groomer on a regular basis. Professional groomers, in most cases, will do a more thorough job and can ensure your dog's coat and skin are healthy.  We frequently let owners know about abnormalities on a dog's skin, ticks, ear infections that the owner was not aware or before their appointment," says Chassey.

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Boston-based writer Effie Orfanides keeps up with all of the latest happenings in her city. She loves eating at Boston's hotspots, having drinks at the trendiest bars, and enjoying all that Boston has to offer. Her work can be found at


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