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Artemi Panarin Throws Glove At Brad Marchand Late In Rangers' Win Over Bruins

By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) -- When it became clear that the Rangers were going to win the Black Friday matinee matchup against the Bruins on Friday afternoon, emotions boiled over. A leg was extended, a cross-check was delivered, and ... a glove was thrown.

These things happen sometimes.

In this case, it involved Rangers forward Artemi Panarin and Bruins winger Brad Marchand. After a Charlie McAvoy tripping penalty ignited a fracas in front of the Rangers' bench in the game's final minutes, the two teams were eventually separated. McAvoy was assessed a two-minute minor, as was Rangers winger Barclay Goodrow for his retaliation. The Rangers then tacked on an empty-net goal to take a 5-2 lead, all but ending the game.

That, however, didn't stop Panarin and Marchand from jawing at each other from their respective benches.

We can only imagine what was said between the two players, but we do know this: Panarin got so sick of Marchand that he felt the urge to chuck his glove at Marchand's face. Panarin gave in to those urges and let it fly:

Now there's something you don't see every day.

Marchand long ago ditched his persona as one of the league's biggest pests, but he clearly can still push certain buttons when he feels motivated to do so. Here, he got Panarin to tap into the little brother playbook, as heated familial arguments can often lead to the nearest object being hurled with reckless abandon. Unfortunately for Panarin, his aim in this instance was not particularly true.

Fortunately, Marchand survived the glove attack, and the brouhaha didn't grow into anything else after that. Both players were given misconducts, though with 11 seconds left in the game, that hardly mattered.

If the NHL Department of Player Safety had a sense of humor, it would release a comical breakdown of the glove throw before announcing that Panarin has been suspended for zero games but has to do the dishes and clean his room before he's allowed to play again.

For now, Panarin has offered the internet the best gift one can deliver: A Grade A GIF that just might live on forever.

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