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Acton Fire Department Loses Half Its Fleet Of Trucks

ACTON (CBS) - Firefighters from the South Acton station went to work thanks to a loaner engine truck from Concord on Friday. Hopefully, it represents a change in luck for the town's heroes.

"Happens in threes," said Acting Fire Chief Robert Hart. "It's all a headache, but it is what it is. We'll get through it."

The fire department is down to just two of its own engines thanks to three unfortunate scenarios. The full fleet includes four engines and one ladder truck.

Acton Fire truck
Acton's only ladder truck caught fire in the station (WBZ-TV)

In December, the town's only ladder truck caught fire in the station; an electrical issue most likely started it. One engine went down due to mechanical problems. On Wednesday, a SUV slammed into another engine while it returned from a call.

Acton crash
An SUV flipped over after a crash in Acton (WBZ-TV)

It is unclear when the damaged trucks will be fixed and it how much it will cost.

Concord's back-up truck at least fills a potentially big gap.

Acton fire truck
Acton fire truck damaged in crash with SUV (WBZ-TV)

"We have three stations," said Captain Jack White. "We would be doing an awful lot of running around and this (loaner truck) saves us."

Acton's Fire Chief is retiring and Robert Hart became Acting Chief on Friday. The loaner fire truck also arrived that afternoon. Now, he just needs nothing else to happen to the fleet. Many in the town said they have faith.

"I think they do a good job," said Mara Epstein.

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