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Timelapse video shows entire refloating of the Dali from the Key Bridge collapse site in Baltimore

TIMELAPSE: Dali refloated from Key Bridge collapse site
TIMELAPSE: Dali refloated from Key Bridge collapse site 00:15

BALTIMORE - A timelapse video shared by Unified Command shows the remarkable refloating of the Dali cargo ship from the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse site in the Patapsco River on Monday.

The 15-second video shows several cargo tugboats guiding the ship back to the Port of Baltimore on Monday morning. You can also see damage to the ship and the remaining pieces of the bridge still sitting on its bow.

Dali cargo ship removed after trapped for eight weeks under Key Bridge debris 04:11

The Dali left the wreckage site at high tide around 7 a.m. and made it to the port by around 9 a.m., with all 20-plus crew members onboard, according to the Unified Command.

It moved through the Ft. McHenry Channel at approximately 1 mph.

The Dali was trapped under the bridge's debris for nearly eight weeks after it crashed into the Key Bridge, causing it to collapse on March 26. 

Six construction workers on the bridge were killed.

The Dali's removal is a major milestone in the effort to salvage the wreckage from the disaster and reopen access to the crippled Port of Baltimore. Deeper draft commercial ships will now be able to move into and out of the Port of Baltimore for the first time in nearly two months, though on a controlled schedule.

"I want to extend my deepest gratitude to every single person who was a part of this successful effort," Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott said. "We will continue to diligently prioritize the needs of those most impacted as we move forward on the work still left ahead."

Large cranes at the Key Bridge collapse site will continue to remove bridge debris that is embedded at the bottom of the Patapsco River.

It is unclear if and when the Dali will be able to leave the Port of Baltimore. 

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