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Best Locally-Focused Podcasts About Baltimore

The 21st century has provided us the opportunity to view the world in a different way via the internet. Podcasts are one of the newer ways to engage with the world through the internet. So what is a podcast? A podcast is a digital audio file that is available online and can be downloaded to a computer or other media player. Usually available as a series, podcasts encourage listeners to subscribe to receive new installments of the program automatically. Podcasts are also great ways for listeners to interact with the people in the area around them, learning about new fashion trends, following local sports teams and even hearing coverage of local events. Here are some of the best podcasts to listen to if you're wanting to get a fix on all things Baltimore.

Purple Reign

Purple Reign is the podcast to tune into if you want the latest on all that involves the Baltimore Ravens. Whether it is analysis of the game, the team, news or notes, this is the podcast for you. The show airs frequently, with older podcasts available to listen online. This podcast is also available from iTunes or Stitcher. The show is hosted by Phil Gentile and Baltimore native, BJ Appel.


This podcast has become very famous, not just in Baltimore, but also across the country. It features 12 episodes about the disappearance and murder of Woodlawn High School student, Hae Min Lee, which occurred in Baltimore in 1999. The person arrested was a classmate, Adrian Syned. The podcast has become so popular and generated so much interest that there is talk of a possible retrial. Serial is hosted by Sarah Koenig, who is also one of the executive producers of the show.

Roughly Speaking

This is a brand new podcast hosted by noted Baltimore Sun columnist, Dan Rodricks. The podcast spotlights the best of Baltimore and involves people with various ties to the area. Topics that Roughly Speaking focuses on range from pop culture to politics to sports. The podcast will be featured every other day on, the mobile app or iTunes.

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98 Rock

This is the radio station that started the podcasting trend in Baltimore. The 98 Rock topics cover cultural, political and sports events of importance to Baltimoreans and others in the area. There are episodes which feature highlights from the very popular 98 Rock Morning Show with Justin, Scott and Spiegel. In addition, there are shows available on other topics, such as the Baltimore Ravens.

Baltimore Orioles Podcasts

This is the station that die hard Orioles fans are checking out. The show features highlights and analyses of games, while providing an outlook on the team. Local correspondents are joined by national pundits who highlight the team's record and prognosticate on the current season and the year ahead. Each episode covers a different topic. This station is available by subscribing to iTunes or the RSS reader.

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