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Viral suspected drunk driving crash sheds a light on bicycling safety

Viral suspected drunk driving crash sheds a light on bicycling safety
Viral suspected drunk driving crash sheds a light on bicycling safety 02:55

NORTH TEXAS — A viral crash has many people thinking about bicycle safety on the road. The video of a suspected drunk driver hitting two bicyclists and then running over one of them is sending shockwaves through the cycling community.  

"Terrifying. That's just horrifying to me," cyclist Darin Frost said.

Darrin Frost is an avid bicyclist who had his own accident last year while riding.

"Having broken my shoulder, back, scapula, four ribs, and collapsed a lung on this thing just coming off an eight-foot drop at about 20 miles an hour, I know what he's going through," Frost said.

Bike Mart Richardson owner Ken "Woody" Smith has been cycling for four decades.

"I'd recommend riding in groups," Smith said." When you're riding one out there by yourself, it can be challenging, right? Texas law says three or more riders, two or more lanes, we can ride and take up a lane."

Smith encourages cyclists to have lights on their bikes and not just turn them on at night. He recommends a daytime running light. You can even buy one with a camera. Make sure you have lights on both the back and front of your bicycle.

"You want people to see you from the back end, but the front is also needed because if you come to a t-intersection, the cars are looking beyond you sometimes, and they don't see you as a cyclist," Smith said."

Wearing brightly colored clothing and a helmet is encouraged so cyclists stand out more to drivers.

"A lot of people gravitate towards a silver or a black helmet, but the problem with that is it gets hot, and you're not seen as visible. The brighter colors are better or a white helmet," Smith said.

Drivers who are getting out of a parked car are encouraged to look out of their sideview mirror to make sure no bicyclists are coming. Cyclists are terrified of being 'doored.'

"I've seen mirrors of cars graze people's elbows as they're riding, so give them three feet," Smith said.

"All we need is a little break," Frost said. "If all we're going to do is shave off five seconds of your commute or your travel, that's all you're really getting."

The cyclists hope the viral video encourages everyone to be careful on the road.

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