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Drivers say potholes in Dallas are dangerous in some spots

Drivers say potholes in Dallas are dangerous in some spots
Drivers say potholes in Dallas are dangerous in some spots 02:12

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Landmines on the roadways have become nearly impossible to avoid in the weeks since the winter storm. While crews still work to repair potholes, some drivers said the situation has become critical - and dangerous.

Screeching brakes and honking horns are an around-the-clock occurrence at Preston Road and Deloache Avenue in Dallas. Brooke Bremer said she nearly witnessed an accident on her daily route Tuesday morning.

"One of the cars, I guess there were two in front of me, quickly hit his brakes right in the center lane, causing everybody else to hit their brakes and try to swerve because there was a huge pothole right in the middle," she said. 

While some are leftover from the ice storm earlier this month and some are the result of utility repairs, drivers said - they're going to get someone hurt.

A city representative said they are aware of the pothole problem and are working to rectify it. That includes working with TxDOT to determine who's responsible for particular potholes. North Texas cities have tackled hundreds of potholes since the ice storm, but many drivers said it can't happen soon enough.

"It seems that, everywhere I go, there is a pothole to avoid," Bremer said. "I just know that this particular area has to get addressed quickly, because cars will be ruined and accidents will happen." 

The city said hazardous potholes that can cause serious damage to vehicles are repaired within 24 hours of being reported. Non-hazardous potholes - smaller than 3 feet by 3 feet in diameter - are typically fixed within three business days. The city asked, if it's hazardous, that you call 311 rather than reporting it online. They say that way they can address it as soon as possible.

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